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Home & 2nd Office

無微不至的貼心服務Meticulous and thoughtful service

Architectural design

The appearance of the hotel with a soft blue design for the tone creates a streamlined water feature of the building, decorates the night sky of North Kaohsiung


New landmark among the International Business Hotels in Kaohsiung

Provide services with five

第二個家的五感服務senses to make travelers feel like in their second home

Experience our meticulous and caring service of that "the devil is in the details". The unique and marvelous accommodation will be worthy to be

Enjoy & cuisine


Pool & Bar

The only pool bar on the top floor in Kaohsiung.


Symphony of modern French duet, top ingredients and exquisite craft

Travel in kaohsiung

Providing the best choice of accommodation in Kaohsiung for domestic and international sightseeing, business travelers to present the passion and harbor